About us

Radi Services Ltd was established in 2002 with a view of carrying out repair and services of nearly all kinds of electrical motors, generators and transformers.  RADI Service Ltd. is a registered electrical contractor and carry out pro-active maintenance and contract services.  Earlier in the year of 2008 they won an international golden construction award in Madrid (Spain) and on the year of 2009 they won international golden Quality award in New York (USA) for their trajectory and business excellence prestige.  Radi Service came into being after the former multinational company under the name of ABB Pemaco Ltd closed down its service industry to pursue other business ventures. 

Our Vision ?is being a leading maintenance partners in the East Africa Region.

Our Mission ....is exceeding customers expectation in providing quality, speed, efficiency and cost effective on service/repair of electromechanically machineries in East Africa Region.



Radi Service Ltd. Was established on July 2002 after ABB Pemacco faces closure

ABB Pemacco was under“ABB” which is multination company decided to windup service industry business and concentrate in core business

ABB Pemacco ltd. Started the business of service on July 1999 after Pemacco-Bevi ltd faces closure due Management buy out

Radi Service has proud to re-employ all the cream of former ABB Pemacco and Pemacco-Bevi,  most of the employees have enough experience on Repair and service industry 

Radi Service Ltd is continues to offer similar service in best way as before ABB Pemacco Ltd and Pemacco-Bevi Ltd as follows:

Repair and service of Electric Motors, Generators and Transformers.
Maintenance and Service Contract.
Proactive Maintenance (Conditioning Monitoring)
Sales of Spare Parts
Electrical Contractor

Our target market . . .

. . . is any organization wishing to reap the benefits of modern Technology through optimization of their resource investments.
We strongly believe that embracing our services is ultimately the key to accelerated economic growth and development in Third World countries.


Stakeholders . . .


We recognize that our business existence and continued success is dependent on how well we meet our responsibilities to various important stakeholders.


Our Strength...

Technology used (machines/equipments)


Winding M/C

Test Bench

Mechanical M/C ( lathe, Balancing)

Carry Machinery (10 ton crane, fork lift, pillate left cars)