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Radi Services Ltd was established in 2002 with a view of carrying out repair and services of nearly all kinds of electrical motors, generators and transformers. RADI Service Ltd. is a registered electrical contractor and carry out pro-active maintenance and contract services. Earlier in the year of 2008 they won an international golden construction award in Madrid (Spain) and on the year of 2009 they won international golden Quality award in New York (USA) for their trajectory and business excellence prestige. Radi Service came into being after the former multinational company under the name of ABB Pemaco Ltd closed down its service industry to pursue other business ventures.


Is exceeding customers expectation in providing quality, speed, efficiency and cost effective on service/repair of electromechanically machineries in East Africa Region.

Is being a leading maintenance partners in the East Africa Region.

is any organization wishing to reap the benefits of modern Technology through optimization of their resource investments.
We strongly believe that embracing our services is ultimately the key to accelerated economic growth and development in Third World countries.

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Our core values are in corpearted in everything we do. In order to achieve vision and mission. We summarised them as S.E.R.V.I.C.E , We are guided by the following core values

We act with maximum speed and accuracy in whatever we do as we combine state of the art technology,machinery and great experienced team

We ensure the ensure the job is done in your electrical-mechanical maintanance and repair machinery perfoms to the climax.

Great team work requires vision and passion. At the core are commited individuals who will offer encouragement and support. But effective teamwork also requires leades who puts team’s interest before there their own.

We are very professional and we are easy adopt to our customer environment in order to advice in different ideas in order to suit your idea.

We act with honest and integrity every stage of operation. We are passionate about our brands, products and people delivering superior values to our stakeholder 

At RSL we discharge our duties and task timely, skillifuly and in ethical and friendly manner

We will anticipate, listen and understand customer’s need.  We focus on what achievable and strike to work with sense of urgency , vigour and commitment knowing that wasted of time has a price. our challenges are opportunies to be seized that allow us to develop excel and win

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